Wildlife Control photo

Wildlife Control is the transcontinental creative lab of the Shah brothers. Drawing on the energies of San Francisco and New York City, they blur the lines between visual art, music, and technology. Their aesthetic combines sampled and synthesized sounds and visuals in an alchemical mixture that is best summarized by the final words of their debut release: it doesnʼt matter if sheʼs analog or digital.

“Wildlife Control has captured the spirit of the continuous and constantly evolving future of music video.” – Wired

“Wildlife Control is youthful yet insightful. It feels like lying by a pool you broke into, young and drunk, next to someone you loved while looking at the stars knowing in your heart the world has a fuck ton more in store for you.” – Vice

“Wildlife Control are writing classics. ‘Analog or Digital’ is vaguely Ramones, vaguely Phoenix, wholly a triumph in rock that might be considered indie, and entirely awesome. It’s a must listen.” – Indie Shuffle

Sumul © Eric Hwang

Neil © Eric Hwang