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The new album Love. Champion. Mountain. King.
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Beauty and poetry in harmony and chords. – Curtis Silver, WIRED
Wildlife Control is youthful yet insightful. It feels like lying by a pool you broke into, young and drunk, next to someone you loved while looking at the stars knowing in your heart the world has a f*** ton more in store for you. – Sophie Saint Thomas, VICE
Wildlife Control are writing classics. “Analog or Digital” is vaguely Ramones, vaguely Phoenix, wholly a triumph in rock that might be considered indie, and entirely awesome. It's a must listen. – Rachel Skotarczyk, Indie Shuffle
Particles, which has three movements — Illusion, Subtract, and Creature. Each on its own is compelling, but when digested together, Wildlife Control’s album is a tailor-made listen for losing oneself. – Matt Giles, Popular Science

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